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  • April 7The man who was spotted with a gun near Whitewater Middle School has been taken into custody without incident, according to the Whitewater Police Department.

WSG Vice President to seek presidential position

Thomas Kind, Whitewater Student Government Presidential Candidate

January 25, 2017

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Today, I am thrilled to announce to you that I am seeking the office of the Student Body President. This campaign that I am running is one I hope can help unite our campus. When I first ran for a senate seat in the Student Gover...

Threats to press, journalists hits home

Staff Collaboration

January 10, 2017

Filed under Opinion

Last spring, our former Photo Editor attended a political rally where a man shouted at her “death to female journalists.” Journalists and First Amendment rights have been under attack. Threats have been made to open up libel...

System regent seeks to find end to sexual violence

James A. Langnes III, UW-W Senior & UW System Regent

December 7, 2016

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*Editors note: Claims made have yet to be independently verified. In the Nov. 30 edition of the Royal Purple, a letter to the editor was addressed to Chancellor Kopper in regards to the issue of sexual assaults on campus. At...

Business and politics: A deadly combination?

Dusty Hartl, Opinions Editor

December 7, 2016

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The United States has been debating whether corporations are constitutionally “people” for a few years now. Citizens United was a Supreme Court ruling that declared that corporations can be considered individuals. This decision has op...

Assisstant Professor educates about election polls

Dr. Eric Loepp, Asst. Professor of Political Science

November 30, 2016

Filed under Opinion

The surprising outcome of the 2016 presidential election has led many people to question the credibility of public opinion polling. That’s a fair question, considering so many polls suggested Hillary Clinton would win the elect...

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