Movie Review: “The Fighter”

Christian Bale, who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for this role, depicts the fallen hero and crack addict Dicky Ecklund.

Ecklund was once known as “The Pride of Lowell (Massachusetts),” a name that he acquired after knocking out the infamous Sugar Ray Leonard. He trains his little brother Micky in hopes that he too will become a great boxer.

Wahlberg portrays Dicky’s younger brother Micky Warden, who is trying to follow in his brother’s footsteps and become a champion fighter. Micky is not only faced with problems in his family but also with the fact that he can’t seem to win a fight.

For the majority of the film, there are video cameras following Dicky around. He thinks they are making an HBO documentary about his comeback; however, their intentions are to document the life of a severe crack addict.

Despite Dicky’s drug problems, he still trains his little brother in hopes that he will one day become a champion.

After witnessing a match in which Micky’s family pushes him into a fight that he has no chance of winning, suspicion is raised as to what their true intentions are.

Micky continues to lose matches, and his failure is blamed entirely on his family’s ineffective coaching skills. He catches the eye of professional trainers and is offered to get paid to train for them.

More drama ensues in the family after Dicky is arrested for impersonating a police officer. His exposé on crack addition is aired and his family is devastated.

The combination of Dicky’s arrest and the documentary prove to be Micky’s last straw. He turns his back on his family and focuses solely on winning.

The exquisite cast makes this story come alive and it is sure to tug at the heart strings.

Bale is absolutely impeccable, and to see him act out his role as the troubled and broken Dicky is reason enough to view this film.

This story is relatable for people of all ages, and everyone can take something away from it.

With the motto “everyone deserves a fighting chance,” “The Fighter” teaches its viewers that if you put your mind to it, you can be anybody that you want to be.

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