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Phase 2: Laptops

Brad Allen, Biz & Tech Editor

September 14

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A new Wi-Fi connection method debuted this fall, thanks to the Instructional Communication & Information Technology department’s (ICIT) in efforts to manage a growing student body. Process improves security “We’ve put a system in ...

ICIT launches WINS mobile for Android

April 19

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April 19, 2016 By Brad Allen The WINS mobile app released for Android users on April 20, allowing users on both Apple and Android platforms to utilize its services and functions. The app previously launched for iOS on...

ICIT begins implementation of new personal device printing process

October 13

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  By Brad Allen Oct. 13, 2015   Printing out English papers in a rush five minutes before class has never been more convenient. A new personal device printing system is currently being introduced to UW-Whitewater,...

UW-Whitewater changes Wi-Fi connectivity process to more efficient, secure process

September 16

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  By Brad Allen Sept. 16, 2015   The campus has switched over to a new network authentication system for two primary reasons: improved efficiency and security, according to UW-Whitewater ICIT Communications...

Antivirus software available, free

September 4

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  By Lucas Wimmer It is a college student’s worst nightmare: turning on his or her computer with an important term paper on it, only to find all the files erased, or to have the computer not turn on at all. Instructional...

Students ‘benefit most’ when teachers take 90-minute tech course

November 28

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  As computer programs advance and develop, so does the demand to learn the new features and uses. Some learn faster than others. “We counted,” Rochelle Day, iCIT training coordinator, said, “It took this lady eight clicks of the mouse for her to attach a document to ...

UW-Whitewater offers smartphone APP

November 14

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  Since Oct. 29, the Whitewater Information Network for Students, commonly known as WINS, mobile App has been available for students with smartphone capabilities. WINS is a program allowing students and staff to access...

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