Album Review: ‘Prism’ by Katy Perry

Review by Staff Writer Signe Trewyn


Katy Perry’s last album, 2010’s “Teenage Dream,” was known worldwide for five number-one singles on the Billboard Hot 100. This is tied for the most in history with Michael Jackson’s 1987 album, “Bad.”

What Perry’s new album “Prism” has to offer is more than just sugarcoated sweet-talking love songs and popular singles. Her new album does feature two popular singles, “Roar” and “Dark Horse feat. Juicy J.,” but many fans will be happy to find that Perry sang some stylistically new songs to accompany her singles.

My personal favorite is “Dark Horse” because of her spot on vocals and confidence throughout.

Many older listeners might relate “Roar” to the song “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor with the lyric, “I’ve got the eye of the tiger.”

Another one of my favorites from the new album is “Love Me.” It features a confident Perry trying to define who she is going to be and speaking up about her own feelings.

“Love Me” is the song I can most relate to at this point in my life, and it makes me feel great about myself.  “So now, I don’t negotiate with insecurities, they’re going to have to take a backseat,” Perry sings, lyrics I can instantly connect with.

“Legendary Lovers,” is yet another great song. Perry’s vocals evoke so many emotions, especially when she sings the loudest on the word “Legendary.” Many older couples can connect with this song on their 50th anniversary.

“Unconditionally” deserves to be played at every wedding reception as the bride and groom take the dance floor. It is definitely the most intense love song on the entire album with Perry’s powerful vocals to back it up.

For “Katy Kats” like me, this new album is a must-have. For everyone else, I recommend at least one listen.

5 stars out of 5.