Farewell Business, hello Biz & Tech

Sept. 25, 2014

By Rumasa Noor

Technology has revolutionized the way businesses work. Most businesses heavily depend on technology, which makes the connection between tbusiness and technology even stronger.

Entrepreneurs are increasingly leaning toward developing new technologies, and running their businesses based on that.

The Royal Purple has decided to change the name of this section from Business to Biz & Tech, beginning Oct. 1.

Although we have covered tech-based stories in the past, the new section will have much more to offer regarding technology and business.

One of the areas we plan on covering is the technological developments made by UW-Whitewater students and alums.

Some past UW-W students, such as Joe Scanlin, have developed new technologies. Scanlin developed an innovative product SoleSensor, which is an intelligent floor mat for presence detection.

Another example of contributions of UW-W is of the three alumni who developed a mobile application as a part of their class project at UW-W. Their application was officially approved by the Apple store in May 2014. It was quite an achievement for the three students and for UW-W.

These are only a few examples of the contributions made by UW-W students and alums. We hope that they will continue making contributions in the future as well.

We want to recognize the achievements of our students and that is one of the main reasons why we decided to modify the name of this section, so we can provide better content through sharing the success stories of UW-W students and alumni.

Another reason for this decision was we wanted to cover more technology-based stories. New technologies are introduced every so often that it just seemed appropriate to add technology in the name of this section.

We also wanted to attract more people and increase our viewership by covering technology-related stories that people will find more relatable.

We hope that you will support our decision of changing the name, and we also aim to increase your interest in the new section. Thank you for reading.