SEAL offers autumn fun


By Signe Trewyn


Drink cider, paint pumpkins and craft some Halloween costume accessories at SEAL’s Harvest fest.

Last year, SEAL hosted a pumpkin painting event; this year they turned it into a Fall-themed experience with caramel apples and more crafts than the original pumpkin painting event.

250 pumpkins are available for students to bring life to. Sequins, rhinestones, paint, glitter and other crafting tools are provided to decorate each pumpkin.

SEAL intern Jessica Faust said the event is in its second year and students may take their crafts home with them, which makes it different from other SEAL events where students only get to listen to music or watch a movie.

“The more difficult part of the process is to find a place with enough pumpkins,” Faust said.

This year the pumpkins are from Meyers Farm in Milton, Wisconsin.

Faust said her favorite part of the event is to see the creativity expressed in students through the activities.

“I want students to take away a pumpkin and be excited for fall in general while bringing the excitement to homecoming,” Faust said.

SEAL intern and graduate student Samantha Pick said she hopes the event will lighten the tension students have built up as midterm exams approach.

“The event’s purpose is for relaxation since it is a hectic time with midterms coming up while bringing students together,” Pick said.

Harvest Fest-Pumpkin Painting will be held from 8 to 11p.m. on Oct. 17 in the UC Hamilton Room.