The constant Gardner: sexy little lingerie

Matt Gardner

When it comes to sex, making it as sensuous and pleasurable as possible is extremely significant. If you are looking to add to the experience, surprising your partner with sexy lingerie is a great way to do so.

Now the common argument that comes with wearing lingerie is, why bother when it’s just going to be taken off anyway?

While there is a certain amount of fact to that notion, it doesn’t always have to be true. In fact, I’ve found my best sexual experiences come with a partner who isn’t afraid to throw on some sexy duds for me.

Only one woman has ever had the courage to put on lingerie for me. The sexual experience with her was not only enriched because of the clothes she was wearing, but the newfound appreciation I had for her made sex better.

The thing about lingerie is, it’s mysterious. It’s dirty. And one of the thing’s it shows your partner is that you are willing to take it to the next level in order to show them your true feelings.

It allows both sexes to do what is very natural for both: tease.

Another aspect of the sexual experience lingerie intensifies is foreplay. One of the best parts of foreplay is how one removes their partner’s clothing (whether it is by hand or teeth).

Sex without foreplay is like going to a baseball game without tailgating; it’s still fun but just not as good as it could be.

With any add-on to sex though, it comes with patience.

If your partner is wary about you seeing their outfit on full display, there are ways to ease the transition into lingerie-wearing.

Starting off in a dimly-lit room is perfect for a lingerie rookie.

Going back to the whole question of whether or not to wear lingerie, if your partner is willing to wear it for you, show your appreciation by not taking it off after the first 30 seconds.

You must enjoy the private show being put on for you.

Also, one must learn what their partner enjoys. If they are a person who achieves gratification through visual experiences, they are the right people to tease by dressing in some sexy lingerie.

So the next time you’re with your lover, tickle their fancies and wear something naughty for them. I’m sure they won’t be disappointed, and neither will you.

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