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WSG vote does not reflect students’ views

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Oct. 29 2014

As a current student here at UW-Whitewater, I feel as though the opinions of the students as a whole were misrepresented by the decisions made by WSG in regards to the Tobacco Free Campus policy. The president of WSG has made it clear that he opposes the passing of the Tobacco Free Campus policy. His influences on the rest of the governing body and their vote may be considered as a misuse of power. As conducted in previous campus-wide surveys only three years ago, the student body was, in fact, for the passing of this policy. The WSG stated this information was irrelevant due to the date the survey was conducted, but they are clearly unaware of the cost and process to perform a well-designed campus-wide survey.

Personally, I feel as though we are a modern university and are always taking into the consideration the needs of others on this campus. The use of tobacco products on campus puts those who choose not to use at risk for the many health effects related to tobacco usage. This not only includes the students, faculty, and staff, but also the children on campus. As most students know, there are children on campus every day of the week. These children are not only indoors but often walking around campus as well as playing outside. By allowing people to smoke, they are not only harming themselves, but the children as well.

The majority of students on this campus choose not to use tobacco products because they think it is disgusting, costly, and has numerous health effects. Ultimately the choice to pass this policy is in the hands of the Chancellor but the voice of the students’ needs to stand corrected. If WSG believes they are the voice of the students, then they need to be aware of what the students want, and not what one person can influence.

So even though WSG has made their vote, please note that their final statement is not one reflected by the student body as a whole, but by a group who lacks the knowledge and courage to stand for what is right for this campus.

– Alison Skrobis

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WSG vote does not reflect students’ views