TV Show Review: Season 1: ‘Forever’

Dr. Henry Morgan wants to discover why his immortal life won’t end. Forever a new television show on ABC network launched this fall is set in in present day New York City focusing on 200-year-old immortal medical examiner, Morgan.

ABC released the pilot episode of Forever on Hulu Plus in late August. After watching the pilot, I couldn’t wait for the second episode to air in September. The writers have done a great job keeping my interest in the first seven episodes. They have released a little more about Morgan’s life experiences each episode while continuing “real time” relationships and events.

Column by Hilary Igl Staff Writer
Review by Hilary Igl
Staff Writer

A prominent feature in  Forever is Morgan’s ability to face death even though he is immortal. It makes his secret hard to keep because he puts himself in dangerous situations and he often dies. Each time he dies, his body disappears and he is given life again in the nearest body of water.

In the pilot, Morgan experiences a train wreck in which many people are injured and many died. Morgan survives the crash, but camera footage of him walking off the train wreck make him a suspect in the case.

Lead detective on the case, Jo Martinez, questions Morgan, but Martinez doesn’t have enough evidence to arrest him. The tables turn when Morgan’s observational skills and medical knowledge become helpful in solving the case. The rest of the episode Morgan works with Martinez, and she realizes that he could be useful in future cases.

Since the pilot episode, Morgan and Martinez have paired up. Morgan continues his work as a medical examiner, but he also goes with Martinez to piece together the clues left behind at crime scenes. Although Morgan and Martinez appear to be attracted to one another, Morgan seems to be holding back because of a past relationship.

I love many different mystery/detective TV series including Castle, Sherlock Holmes, Grimm and Blacklist. What has me hooked on Forever is the difference in the story. Forever doesn’t just follow a detective and his/her partner around to solve crimes. It combines Castle’s humor, Sherlock’s witt, and the intensity of Grimm and Blacklist with its own twist on imoortality to creat a show worth watching.

With 200 years of life to work with, it will be interesting to see where the writers take the show over the next two episodes before their fall break. It has been enjoyable to see that even though Morgan is immortal, he is never too experienced to learn something new.

5 out of 5 stars.