PTSD patients need our community support


Jan. 28, 2015

After the perils of war, there are many routines soldiers have to readjust to. Adjusting to being with their families, home routines and jobs. This issue was evident in certain parts of the movie “American Sniper.” According to, about 5.2 million, 3.6 percent of people suffer from Post -Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Upon soldiers return, if PTSD is experienced, it is imperative to get treated. To spread the word about this need, as well as spreading the word on social media about the importance of awareness. The community is the place to start to make a difference.

Commentary by
Signe Trewyn
Assistant Opinion Editor

Post-traumatic stress disorder is not limited to those who have been through wars. Severe car accidents cause PTSD.  It is also true that victims of bullying can also experience PTSD.  One important symptom soldiers experience is PTSD due to the long-term exposure to war zones.

PTSD can harm anyone who has experienced a traumatic event. Many people are affected by this condition; in fact about 7-8 percent of people will be affected by it in their lifetime according to The one thing that will prevent this statistic from growing any higher is treatment.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is one option that exists for treatment. Talking it out proves to be quite effective since it can help an individual reduce stress.

An evaluation of the symptoms should be done before treatment.  It is important to discuss the symptoms with family members to determine the nature of the symptoms themselves. That way, an individual can assess the best treatment option. Another great thing to do in the case of beginning treatment is to not turn to drugs/alcohol for relief.

It is also important to not be affected by the stressful thoughts which result in helplessness. Helplessness can reach the point where an individual may experience suicidal thoughts or actions.

If treatment begins early, there will be less of a risk of helplessness, which can be curbed by proactivity according to

That way any victim can talk about their issues together and get a hold of professionals that can assist them.

We as a society need to work hard on spreading awareness of PTSD in order to find a treatment.

Getting active in your community by holding walks for PTSD can spread awareness like wildfire. By doing this, it is a great way to bring the community together to honor those who serve and victims of PTSD. This way, money can be raised toward treatments of the issue as well as spread awareness.

When everyone in a community is aware of the issue, they are most likely to recognize it in themselves and those they love.

While at the walk, participants can pick up more information on PTSD as well on the cause and treatment. Everyone at the walk can benefit from the event and it is a great call to action.

Being social while helping others in the community can be done by volunteering for a local organization and doing this can curb the symptoms.

The best course of action for a person is to speak up their symptoms in order to receive the treatment needed.  All one individual needs is love and team of supportive family and friends.

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