App review: Drop Messages

With the emergence of social media and mobile applications, social interaction has changed drastically over the past few years. Communication has become a lot more interactive. People are choosing to communicate through different mediums.

Instagram has allowed people to share their life moments through pictures and videos. Through Yik Yak people connect with those who live in closer proximities, anonymously.

Drop Messages is a new app that contains features of both of these applications.

It is an iPhone application that enables users to share their life instants and locations with people through picture messages. The application titles the picture messages, Drops.


Drop Messages allows users to select a picture (or take one), type up a message and select a location to leave their picture message for someone else to find. The users will be notified when someone gets to the location and finds their Drop.

The app has an activity tab where users can see the latest drops dropped by the people they follow. The nearby screen allows users to see the drops from people in their neighborhood.


It is fairly easy to use and consumes less battery than average photo sharing apps.

Review by Rumasa Noor
Review by Rumasa Noor

It is one step ahead of Instagram because the photos shared in this app are shared publicly with the people in the community. Although it does compromise privacy but at the same time it enables people to learn more about the places in their neighborhood.


Drop Messages only has a few features and that is probably its biggest drawback.

The application can also be confusing for first time users, especially those who aren’t avid users of Instagram or Yik Yak.


The primary goal of the app is to enhance user interactivity through creative means, and I think it succeeds in its goal by taking an innovative approach of integrating pictures and words.

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