Campus offers variety of food

By Angelic Thompson

Staff Writer

Students on campus have a lot of choices when it comes to food on campus. Some of the choices are amazing while others, aren’t quite on that level. When it comes to breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snack time, some places shine above the rest.

Many people love the CA Café for breakfast because of its hot breakfast sandwiches and the amazing pastries. According to Kathryn Dickman, a junior at UW- Whitewater, she is usually in the CA for classes and the café is the best place for breakfast.

“The pastries at the CA are pretty bomb. The chocolate turnovers that tend to pop up around October and February are the best,” Dickman said.

For lunch around campus, the front-runners are Drumlin and Graham Street. Drumlin is an all-you-can-eat and it has everything you can think of from salad to tacos. Drumlin is very popular among the students because with your meal plan you swipe once and you get unlimited amount of food. At some other places you do not get that much with the meal plan you have.

Graham Street specializes in soup and sandwiches and is especially nice on a cold day. Located in the University Center next to Ike Schaffer Commons, this café serves food similar to Panera Bread Co. and has signature favorites like the ham and cheese sandwich and homemade potato chips. Graham Street is not available with the traditional meal plan, but can be purchased with Dining Dollars or Purple Points.

For dinner, UNO’s Due Go is very popular. UNO’s is a pizza place that also serves other food like hamburgers and nachos. UW-W’s on-campus culinary delicacy is UNO’s BBQ wings. The wings come in BBQ and Buffalo and both are popular among students. UNO’s allows your meal plan uses two swipes per meal, so make sure you enough to spare.

The university allows a variety of different meal plans for students who live on and off campus. Mekenzi McMillan, a senior at UW-Whitewater prefers the 10 meals a week plan.

“I’d say the 10 meal plan is best. Seven is too little and for me personally 10 is a bit too much. But if someone knows that they are going to have every meal everyday on campus, I’d go with the full plan,” McMillan said.

For snack time, Erberts and Gerberts and Prairie Street Market are great choices because they offer a wide variety of choices. Both eateries offer made-to-order sandwiches that can be bought on with the traditional meal plan. You can also get little snacks like candy, chips, cookies and soda at both places for a late night snack until 2 a.m. every day.

The trick to getting the best food on your meal plan is getting the full dining dollars because you have more to choose from. Dining Dollars allow you more freedom for the food you want to eat.

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