Haute Hawks: solid suits leave good impression

Haute Hawks: solid suits leave good impression

By Jordan Gittens

Oct. 7, 2015

A new school year has rolled around, and the opportunity for interviews is high. As college students, interviews are abundant in these four years, whether it be for jobs, internships or just  part of  a class curriculum.

Many students psych themselves out for interviews with potential questions, finding the correct answers and placing the finishing touches on resumes. They often forget the one thing that is just as important as any of it: the interview outfit.

Even for the most casual interviews, the way you look is crucial because it is the first physical impression any potential employer has of you, and first impressions are most important.

Having a suit isn’t all it takes to make the best impression. There are many more things that go into your outfit. The most important aspect of suit wear is how well it fits. Many men, and women, make the mistake of getting a suit that is not tailored to their specific measurements. A well-tailored suit speaks volumes.

Men, make sure you are not drowning in your pants, and ladies, make sure that your blazers aren’t reaching beyond the ball of your hands.

The next best part of your outfit is the leather pieces. It is widely known that you never pair brown leathers with black, however, navy strays from that path. The safest path to go outside of greys and blacks when it comes to suits is navy. Luckily, a majority of browns pair well with navy suits.

Pairing a brown belt and shoes, which are of course the same shade, can show that you have a great sense of style and shows your employers that you care about yourself. For ladies, modest shoes can go a long way. You can never go wrong with a closed-toe heel.

The clothing you can have the most fun in interviews with are suit and tie combinations. Ditch the dreary black and white and go for colors that complement each other. Don’t be afraid of patterns like paisley and stripes, they can lend a helping hand to making you look prim and proper.