21 and Over Club: Bar etiquette

By Jordan Moser

Oct. 25, 2015

Homecoming is one of the most popular days of the academic year for students to indulge in a few alcoholic drinks with fellow Warhawks and Whitewater alumni. While it is important to have a memorable time at the bars, it is equally important to respect the fact that an eventful night out would not be possible without the hardworking bartenders at Whitewater’s downtown establishments.

We, as the 21 and over population of this university, owe it to our city’s bar owners and bartenders for granting us permission to attend such fun and safe places and partake in the homecoming festivities. There are many ways to make a bartender’s job easier and more enjoyable, especially on a day like homecoming where bars will likely be overrun with patrons from the early afternoon into the night.

In interviews with Jerry Boll, manager and veteran bartender of The Mad Boar Pub, and Curt Patrick, general manager of Pumpers and Mitchell’s, both agree that one of the most important things a patron can do to make a bartender’s job go more smoothly is to have your drink order and money ready when it is your turn to order your drink. “This will make us much faster and effective as a unit behind the bar,” Boll said.

“It’s like an interstate,” Patrick said, describing the flow of a busy bar. “The customers are the vehicles and the bar staff is the interstate. When vehicles don’t follow ‘the rules of the road,’ the entire interstate comes to a stand still, which affects everyone involved.”

According to Patrick, it is best to carry cash and not cards while at the bars.

“It is a good idea to prepare for the night by having cash in your pocket,” Patrick said. “It will save everyone a lot of time, plus you will be able to skip the ATM fees at the bars.”

The Mad Boar Pub is one of the few bars in Whitewater that allows patrons to use their credit cards to make drink purchases. The staff encourages guests to leave their bar tabs open until leaving if you plan on purchasing multiple drinks.

“This slows us down as a unit because every time a patron does this, we have to open a tab, immediately close them out, print them a receipt, have them sign, and enter the information in our computer system,” Boll said.

As far as other guidelines to follow at the bars, manners do not go unnoticed by bartenders.

“Saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ really goes a long way for us and a smile is always appreciated,” Patrick said.

The final tip for a smooth bar visit is just that: the tip. Quite simply, money talks. Leaving a dollar tip for the bartender for either every drink you order or every other drink you order is a good rule of thumb.

Students can subscribe to the Mad Boar Pub on Facebook and Twitter pages (@Mad_BoarPub) for updates on homecoming drink specials. The Mad Boar Pub is also selling Halloween-themed Homecoming t-shirts on their Facebook page.

Patrick and the rest of the Pumpers and Mitchell’s employees will be opening the bar at 1:00 pm on Saturday. The bar will be triple staffed and will include an additional fully stocked bar on the outdoor patio to provide speedy drink service to patrons. Later in the night, Pumpers and Mitchell’s is hosting three guest DJs that are sure to conclude your Homecoming Saturday with a bang.

Would you like your bar featured in the Royal Purple’s 21 and Over Club? Email Jordan Moser ([email protected]) for more information.

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