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Meditation and music: relieving stress during finals

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By Angelic Thompson

Dec. 9, 2015


Before we can get to our amazing and eventful winter break, we have to get through a week of studying and taking finals. It may seem like a lot at if it’s your first time with finals. Hang in there freshmen, you will get through it. Once you get through your first final, the rest will come easy and you will be ready to conquer anything else college finals will throw at you.

There are different options that help you relieve stress during finals. The option that usually helps me relieve stress is meditation, and it could help you. Meditation goes great with calming music.. Here are some steps that can help you mediate with the type of music that is right for you.

How to mediate:

  • Start with some rhythmic breathing to what you are listening to
  • Deeply breathe in and breathe out slowly
  • Observe the movements of your mind (no judgement or criticism about anything)
  • Take a step into peace/serenity (imagine that you are somewhere peaceful calm, like a beach)
  • Imagine that you are one with yourself and immortal and nothing can stop you
  • Lastly, breathe out peace and happiness

Just don’t forget the music because it is the key factor in helping you go to your peaceful place. Music makes us be at peace and mediation helps us get there a little fast. Never let go of music, it will be in your life forever and you never know one day you might depend on it.

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Meditation and music: relieving stress during finals