Hallo-we’ve all been there

Alex Goodwin- Salas, Staff Writer

At the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, students shared stories about their memories of the spooky holiday. Most of the time they are fun filled, but sometimes they are not. No need for concerns though, because we’ve all been there.

Scholarly spooky slumber

“Last Halloween in Madison actually I ended up sleeping in an academic building for the night. My friend and I were cold and she needed to find a bathroom and that door ended up being open.”

        — Kylie Longoria, senior

BLT’s and bandits

“Last year on Halloween some guy stole a “no parking” sign off the street and walked into Erbs with it and ordered a sandwich with a stolen sign.”

        — Kris Persak, senior

Combo party conflict

“Well last year Halloween was on homecoming so we combined the two and had a party at my friend’s place. His roommate flipped out on this girl that was there, called her a b***h and kicked everyone out at like nine at night. So our night ended early.”

        — Robert Jacobson, junior

Creepy clowns and soaked shorts

“So I work at the Fuzzy Pig haunted house as Twisty the clown from ‘American Horror Story.’ My room has a pitch black maze before and after and I hide in a hidden closet. A group of girls came in and one openly admitted she was afraid of clowns. I snuck out of my closet, unnoticed, when they walked by and smacked a wooden machete again the lockers, sending them all into a panic and rushing for the next part. I chased them and the girl with the clown phobia started screaming and yelling she had peed herself. It was a good night.”

        — Azreal Scrima, junior

Stylish skeleton

“My freshman year, where I dressed up as Jack Skellington from the ‘Nightmare Before Christmas.’ I went to all my classes and sadly I was the only dressed, but I enjoyed it probably as much as the next person because I’m still a kid at heart.”

        — Ben Treinen, senior

Haunts and hoots

“My favorite part about Halloween is being able to dress up at my job at Hooters and being able to see everyone’s different costumes. Everyone comes in with different costumes there was a scarecrow, a girl scout and some body with fairy wings, they were huge. Customers like all of our costumes too.”

        — Jessilyn Chow, seniorghosty

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