We’ve all been there: Tinder

Sierra High, Staff Writer

Let’s talk about those cheesy pickup lines, awkward run-ins on campus, and those stalkers that this notorious dating app has brought to young adults across college campuses nationwide. From finding the possible love of your life, to then laughing when you see your neighbor boys on this app, Tinder has become an epidemic with local singles. We’ve all been there and these are the stories University of Wisconsin-Whitewater students shared with the Royal Purple.

Recipes & Romance

“Right away I tell girls I will cook them character shaped mac and cheese for them and I always get a good response because we all know it’s the best mac and cheese in the game. Little do they know, that is the only thing I can cook.”

-Jake Tomacheck, Senior

Persistent Prospects

“I matched with this girl and she seemed pretty cool at first then she kept on messaging me without any response, then she found my Facebook and started messaging me on there. I got over 25 messages from her before I ever responded. Safe to say, I’m off tinder now.”

-Nick Muelder, Senior

From a Tinder fling to the real thing

“I was an avid tinder user until I stumbled upon a decently attractive guy, little did I know I would be dating him a few months later. We are celebrating our 6 month anniversary next week!”

-Jenna Hermenson, Junior

Celebrity by Swipe

I found myself in a big lecture hall for one of my classes. Two weeks after classes started a guy who sat next to me approached me after class and asked if I was from Tinder. I was slightly confused because I didn’t recognize him at all. I then found out that it was the guy who was messaging me over the summer. I told him he didn’t look like any of his pictures and he quickly stated that his pictures were over four years old. Who does that? It was like a real life catfish. Class was so awkward for the rest of the semester.”

-Carina Krausert, Senior