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Online sales highest ever

National shopping goes mobile

Brad Allen, Biz & Tech Editor

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The four-day shopping frenzy following Thanksgiving Day has ended, and consumers are shopping online more than ever before.

The preferred method of shopping varies for everyone, with some eager to peruse corporate stores for clearance sales, others intent on shopping local and supporting small businesses and a significant portion content with the simplicity of shopping online.

Millions of Americans are choosing to shop online using their cell phones, according to the National Retail Foundation.

Online sales on Black Friday reached $3.34 billion, an increase of 22 percent from 2015, according to Market Watch.

More than $1 billion in online sales were made via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, according to Market Watch.

Online purchases nationwide hit $1 billion on Thanksgiving alone, according to New York Post.

There’s a whole list of advantages to this new method of shopping: Not having to wait in long lines at stores, saving time by sifting through deals quickly through one device, the ability to buy from stores not located nearby and the luxury of shopping while sitting on the couch.

But there are some cons to shopping online, including the possibility of some stores not having every item listed on their website. You might only be able to find certain items in-stores. Furthermore, buying online is risky if you’re shopping for clothes, because there’s no guarantee that clothing items will fit well if you can’t try them on for size.
Although shopping online can be extremely convenient, it doesn’t help out most small businesses, which collectively make up two-thirds of all businesses in America, according to the Small Business Association.

I’m an advocate of supporting local businesses as much as possible, because they’re the backbone of local economies and citywide job markets.

Consumers nationwide spent about $5.5 billion with independent merchants on Small Business Saturday, exceeding the predicted sales mark of $3.3 billion, according to Business News Daily.

But corporate stores  will likely still dominate the market. The National Retail Federation projects shoppers will spend $655.8 billion in November and December, marking a gain of 3.6 percent from a year ago.

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Online sales highest ever