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New Hawk makes his print on campus

Becca Bailey, Lifestyle Editor

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There is a new top dog on campus and his name is Hawk.
The one and a half year old Australian cattle dog has been hired on to sniff out explosives if needed and will continue training and learning new skills throughout his time with the force.
Hawk began his life as a stray but was rescued and trained in Texas for explosive odor detection.
He was then placed in the care of UW-Whitewater Police Services Department to Officer Kelsey Servi, who has become his trainer, partner and loving family member. Servi spent two weeks in Texas training with the young pup before bringing him back to Wisconsin.
“We try to train pretty much every day whether it’s with odor detection or obedience. So we are working a lot on obedience because he is a puppy still,” Servi said.
The two parteners have spent two months together. Hawk not only works with Servi, but also lives with her, her husband Cal, young daughter and three other dogs at home.
“He is a part of the family,” Servi said.
He is not only a member of the family in the Servi home, but also at the police station.
“It’s almost like having a newborn child around, except instead of having a baby crib and bottles, we have a dog cage and chew toys,” Sergeant Steve Hanekamp said. “Hawk is a very playful young puppy. When he gets bored he comes into my office and steals my winter gloves or hat. It’s like playing hide and seek to find them with him sometimes.”
The K9 officer is now certified in explosive detection but will continue his training and learn new skills and specialties.
His role for now is to help secure large scale events on campus. Hawk can also often be spotted with his partner and trainer while out and about campus.
“He’s a fun addition to the department, and a fun challenge, and rewarding too. It’s really rewarding when he learns something or does something really well,” Servi said.
Hawk was sworn in as an officer and received his badge Jan. 31s at 1p.m. in the University Center in front of a crowd of proud students and faculty.

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New Hawk makes his print on campus