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Third time is the charm for elect McCormick

Kolton Hegstrom, Assistant News Editor

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Only one new member was elected to Whitewater’s Common Council during the April 4 election. The Royal Purple got to sit down and find out what Carol McCormick will bring to the council.

The Royal Purple: What made you run for Common Council for a third time?

Carol McCormick: I had tried this 30 some years ago. I was kind of a newbie then in Whitewater so people didn’t know the name, but I tried to campaign as best I could and I lost, and I understand that. Then, I tried a second time and I got closer that time. Then, finally 30 years after that I noticed some issues here on the east side. I’m a big lake person, because I live on the lake, our roads here kind of deteriorating on the east side. A lot of the attention goes to the other side of town, and rightfully so because that’s where the population of the students are. I kept talking about this with friends and said maybe I’ll make a run for it. The other thing that made me run for it too were there was four empty council seats and none of them were being opposed. Nobody wanted to get their feet wet so I said maybe this is my time.

RP: How do you think your past experience has prepared you for the council?

CM: I was in education and I talked with students, staff, parents and administration trying to reach consensus on issues. I think I am a pretty good communicator. When I did my campaign, I literally went door-to-door shaking hands. I did it the old-fashioned way. Even though a lot of people wanted me to pick up the phone. I said; not after the presidential election, that wasn’t the way to go. I’ve dealt with people for a good share of my life. I’m a good listener. I like to take in all facets of the issues and then make a reasonable judgment on that. So my background in education will really help me in that respect.

RP: What is your opinion of Spring Splash?

CM: Spring Splash is a university event, but can have an impact on the city as well. It is a university thing. The kids want to have fun and I understand that. I did the same thing when I was at the university. It became a big controversy after last year. Being on this side of town I didn’t really realize what was happening downtown in that area. I don’t have an objection to it as long as it doesn’t get out of hand, there is nobody hurt and property doesn’t get damaged. I do have a couple college rentals. My husband and I own a small business. I will be informing my tenants if your party is not safe, if you have people there that you’re not aware of, call the police. Don’t get yourself into trouble. And we know they’re going to have parties. My husband says, “They’re college kids. They have to have fun. It’s part of the experience.” As long as laws aren’t broken and nobody gets hurt, I don’t see an issue with it.

RP: Why is getting a grocery store important to you?

CM: Because everybody that I talk to wants a grocery store. The only option we have is Walmart. That’s not really appealing to everybody in town. I would love to have one on this side of town. At one point in time there were three here in town, and now all we have is Walmart. We need another grocery store. We need choices.

RP: How do you increase community involvement?

CM: I think if people want to see change, positive change, in Whitewater they have to get involved. Ironically there is a community development committee that nobody in the community wants to get involved in, that is a sad thing. I’m going to try and be more involved. I just signed up to work at the world’s largest potluck and doing things like that can increase involvement.

RP: How do we increase community and university interconnectivity?

CM: I think that has been an age old problem. There’s them and then there’s us. The university sort of isolates themselves and there are some people in town who don’t care for the students, but like I said you can’t bite the hand that feeds you. You have to accept them as part of your community. I deal with students all the time. And they’re people. You treat them like adults and they’ll treat you like adults and they’ll respect you.

RP: Is there anything else you would like your new constituents to know about you?

CM: I will try my hardest to represent this side of the city. I will take in all different ideas and welcome feedback. I am an easy person to talk to. I’ve done things like this most of my life being a teacher. I hope I do a good job. It is a little scary going in, so I just have to get a feel of the land and see how things go.

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Third time is the charm for elect McCormick