Beaver lover re-lives epic four year term

By Sierra High

Booze, beavers, boys and books.

I have conquered these four years with plenty of books that I rented from thebookstore and barely cracked open. There were also plenty of boys who broke myheart and from there copious amounts of alcohol to fix those heart strings. And well the beaver… he may go down as the most famous woodland creature in Whitewater (203 W Center Street check him out).

1,460 days, 35,040 hours, and 2,102,400 minutes… lets check out some of my most fond memories here at the wonderful University of Wisconsin-Whitewater:

Being Willie the Warhawk at a basketball game

Making it to the Elite 8 for Women’s soccer my junior year

Eating the hot dog deal at station 1 and throwing it up within 20 minutes

Getting a C+ in exercise walking

Studying abroad in Liverpool, England

Working at the Royal Purple!!

Not gaining the freshman 15 but the junior 20

Eating 200 tic tacs in less than 36 hours

Only spending $331 at the Sweet Spot this past year

Losing all my intramural soccer games my senior season

I have been homeless in Rome, Italy and have thrown up in the Center of the Arts parking lot… I don’t know about you but I feel as if I have truly LIVED these past couple of years.

Finally, I would like to thank one of my best friend/girlfriend/soul sista Carina Krausert for living with me and putting up with my crazy antics. (You rock girl).

Thanks for reading the paper every week. I love you!)

Zachary Jaskulski… thanks for dating me, being my best friend, and my person. I can’t wait to binge watch NCIS this summer with you and attend Skateland’s adult skate night every month. Thanks for making my heart so full, I love you Zachy!

Also a shout out to my Royal Purple homies, you all made me feel at home from day one and I am forever grateful for this amazing opportunity to work with all of you. My Monday nights will never be the same without Kim and Ashley bickering at each other and making fun of John Paul on a constant basis.

Thanks for the mems.