Give QB Brett Hundley a chance

Royal Purple

It was a rough week for Packer fans everywhere.

The rival Minnesota Vikings embarrassed the Green and Gold in a 23-10 victory, but the biggest loss for the Packers was an injury to beloved quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr hit Rodgers outside of the pocket, breaking Rodgers’ collarbone. All signs point to Rodgers missing the rest of the season after surgery, which sparked a serious debate.

Should the Green Bay Packers bring someone in to replace Rodgers? At 4-2, the Pack currently sits tied atop their division with the Vikings and have a roster poised to make a serious run at the 2018 Super Bowl, prior to the Rodgers injury.

In came highly touted prospect Brett Hundley to the game, who stepped in the pocket and threw an interception on his first throw. He recovered and threw a touchdown pass, but by the end of the game the score was out of reach and Hundley had added two more interceptions to his resume.

Overpaying a veteran quarterback instead of trusting a guy that has done his time in Green Bay for the last three years would be a mistake and would hurt the confidence of both Hundley and the fans.

Fans posed a way to keep the Packers season alive – it’s just going to take some political courage from Mark Murphy and the team.

The trend “Bring in Colin Kaepernick” began to spread like wildfire across Twitter. Some even called for retired Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, but the Packers would be foolish to bring in a veteran quarterback. (Besides, we have thoroughly enjoyed hearing Romo on NFL broadcasts)

Don’t get me wrong, Kaepernick could still be a starting quarterback in the league. Last year he threw 16 touchdowns and had just four interceptions while throwing for more than 2,000 yards, but the Packers have a decent backup quarterback in Brett Hundley.

Why not let the young guy have his chance to develop? At one point Rodgers was just a young backup to Brett Favre. There is no better way to learn than regular season game experience, and Hundley has been very limited in this area due to being the backup to one of the best quarterbacks in the game.

Even if he struggles, he will become a better quarterback and better understand the game. If he plays well, he can either solidify his spot as the future No. 1 guy or improve his stock in a possible trade.

It’s time to give QB2 the football.