Council approves zoning request


Nicole Amone, News Editor

After little discussion on the item, City of Whitewater Common Council approved a rezoning request for a duplex unit at 310-312 S. Janesville St.

The rezoning request, made by the owner Marcus Tincher of Tincher Reality, would change the properties current classification as an R-2 property, to an R-2A property, which would allow housing of 4 unrelated residents.

The duplex was built in 1880, and has undergone renovations in 1910 and 1972, according to the city file. The city file also shows that the building was inspect by the city building inspector in 2014 due to many city and state code violations.

Chris Munz-Pritchard, City of Whitewater Neighborhood Planner gave many recommendations to bring the building and property up to city and state code standards.

  • Parking stalls and drive are to be resurfaced with concrete or asphalt.
  • Utility laterals may need to be resized to accommodate the additional usage.
  • Landscaping buffers are to be placed in the rear of the hom to minimize visibility of parking.
  • The front porch needs to be repaired or restored
  • Approval by Engineering, Building Inspector, Fire Inspector and other City departments.
  • Any other conditions identified by City staff or plan Commission.

The Royal Purple attempted to contact a representative from Tincher Realty, but a spokesperson was not available to comment at press time.

This story will be updated.

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