Recreation sports provide opportunity, campus involvement

Brenda Echeverria, Arts & Rec Editor

Students looking for ways to stay physically active and meet other students on campus can join a club sport or intramural team, with many activities and sports available to choose from.

“We are open to everyone,” intramural sports supervisor Andre Carriveau said. “Our motto is ‘a sport for everyone and everyone in a sport.’ We are open to all skill levels and commitment levels as well.”

Fall registration for club and intramural sports is currently open to all students of all ability.

“It all depends on the skill level and the level of dedication that the person is looking for,” Carriveau said.

For students seeking a sport similar to high school sports that involve traveling and being committed to a set practice schedule and higher level of competition, Carriveau said club sports is the best route for them. Students who are looking for less competitive recreational activity with friends might be better suited to try out intramural sports.

“Some clubs have dues that you need to pay, but really all you need is to be interested in the sport,” said senior Mykaela Harrington, the student coordinator for club sports. “For most of the teams, actually like all of them, you don’t really need experience; you can just join for fun and to learn.”

Harrington joined a women’s lacrosse team  in 2015 after meeting student athletes during a Club Sports Awareness Day event. Initially, she was worried it was going to be a huge time commitment, but she later realized would not be a problem.

Harrington is in  her 4th year on the lacrosse team, and she will lead the team this year.

“I think students can gain a lot from [joining a team],” Harrington said. “You meet so many people, and I think that’s the biggest thing, at least for me. It’s a great way to have fun and after the day is over; with school, it’s something to look forward to.”

Recreational sports programs offer the opportunity to meet people who students may not otherwise meet.

In intramurals, students can either sign up with a team of friends or enter as a free agent.

“If you don’t have enough people to start a team or you are looking to join a random team and make some new friends, you can put yourself as a free agent on IMLeagues,” Carriveau said.

“That will show up to captains to teams and they can send you invites or you can send them requests to be on the team.”

Carriveau recommends students join as a free agent if they are unsure of which intramural sport or activity they are interested in joining.

A list of club sports ranging from soccer and basketball to fencing or Brazilian jiu-jitsu can be found on the university website under 2018-2019 club list. A list of fall intramural sports and activities can be found online.

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