A stress outlet for students

Charlie Fries, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

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For most students, campus libraries are a place for hours of stress-filled studying, but this year Andersen Library has decided to break that common stereotype and to help students find stress relief.

“Creativity Tuesdays” is a free, monthly craft session hosted in Andersen Library with the goal of creating a relaxing and comfortable environment for students to be artistic.

The idea came from Public Relations student assistant Kayleigh Shaw, who understands how a creative outlet can be helpful for many students, no matter the level of artistic ability. 

“The whole point of these events is to give students the means for a creative outlet, as well as a relaxing break from their studies,” Shaw said. “As a result, we tried to pick crafts that were accessible regardless of an individual’s crafting ability.”

It is not just Shaw who understands how low-stress, non-academic creativity can have a positive effect on student life. Public Relations student assistant Katherine Blonde is in full support of the idea as well.

“As a PR team, we recognize the role creativity plays in student success,” said Blonde. “Our goal was to offer students and patrons an opportunity to step away from their busy schedules and let their imagination flow freely.” 

The event has already had two very successful gatherings: a mason jar painting workshop in September and a book page crafting event in October, with the intention of adding new and exciting projects each month.

“We all understand the viability behind this passive, yet stimulating gesture for our students,” said Sarell Martin, the PR and Outreach Coordinator for the Andersen Library. 

The next session of “Creativity Tuesdays” will take place Nov. 20 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. where students can participate in Zen Rock Painting. ​