Student says residents should support of Child Victim’s Act

One out of five children are sexually assaulted in Wisconsin and 90 percent are not reported.

Child sexual abuse happens way more often than most know. Many people isolate themselves after experiencing that much trauma, they need time.

The Child Victim’s Act is beneficial for the victim and society.

Currently, you can only take legal action prior to turning 35-years-old. The Child Victim’s Act will give victims another chance to come forward.

More specifically if you are over 35 years old, you have another three years as a chance to get justice or have their closure.

This bill would get hundreds of abusers behind bars away from society, which will help the community become safer. This would also give the victim the time they need to heal from their “negative physical and psychological effects of the abuse”.

The National Association of Social Worker’s-Wisconsin (NASW-WI), talks about how thousands of people came forward in several different states that passed the Child Victim’s Act.

Doing so identified hundreds of perpetrators and brought them to justice. This brings them off the street, or at least educates society on who was involved in child sexual cases.

Since it took many victims many years to come forward, it shows they were traumatized by the situation and needed time to heal from their abuse.

This can be both physically, and more importantly, emotionally.

Please support this legislative bill for The Child Victim’s Act.

Help lift the statutes of limitations of sexual abuse and help create a “three-year window” for those that already passed the expired limitation.

I ask you to please give these individuals a chance to fight for their justice and closure after they had the time they needed to heal after the traumatic experience that no one should have to “deal with”.

You can help support this legislative bill by emailing our representative or senate of our county. 

Senator Janis A. Ringhand’s can be reached at [email protected]

Rep. Don Vruwink’s email is

[email protected]

—Jessie Anderson,

UW-Whitewater student

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