Get up, get out

Benjamin Pierce, Managing Editor

Spring is here in full force.

The temperatures are in the 60s and 70s for the first time in months (thank god), so be sure to get out and enjoy it.

Whether it’s going for a walk with your dog or sitting on the deck drinking and playing cards with friends, get outside and enjoy the nice weather.

It seems like a simple idea, but with technology running society, it can be easier for us to be drawn to television or computers. When your homework is done and you have that final project completed, reward yourself by getting outside.

Whitewater is a beautiful city with plenty to see.

Between various sporting events on campus, local businesses waiting for customers, a scenic walk around town or even just feeling the breeze while driving down Main Street, it’s better than sitting inside staring at that video game or meme (again).

Take your workout outside the Williams Center this week. Walk to class if you’re close enough.

We’re done with that insane tempramental winter we just had, and that is plenty reason itself to get outside. So get up, get out and enjoy the weather.