UW-W Org of the Week: I Am That Girl


photo courtesy of I Am That Girl

‘I Am That Girl’ is an organization founded just four years ago in 2015. This woman’s issue organization started as a campus and community organization and recently slimming down to solely working on the UW-Whitewater campus with occasional community outreach projects.

  According to faculty advisor and Gymnastics coach Allison Annala, the organization covers a large variety of topics – literally anything having to do with women or being a woman.

“We talk about anything and everything effecting women, from Politics to relationships to mental health to sexuality… if it effects women, it’s fair game,” said Annala.

“We also strive to be an inclusive and supportive environment. Everyone is encouraged to and respected for being their most authentic selves.”

For questions regarding the meeting or organization itself, please contact Allison Annala at [email protected]

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