Don’t repeat the past

Cast hopes play makes impact on students

Kaylee Pryble, Arts & Rec Editor

Resort 76 is a show that looks at an industrial “resort” during the second phase of the Holocaust. The show specifically looks at the Lodz ghetto in Poland and the Jews forced to work in the textile mill within the resort.

Resort 76 is a play by Simon Wincelberg based on the novella A Cat in the Ghetto by Rachmil Bryks. It serves as a dramitizatin of some of Bryks’ memories during his time in a ghetto during the Holocaust.

“This is an unconventional play within the genre of holocaust drama because it presents characters that are multi-dimensional, often ignoble and very human,” said Director Bruce Cohen.

Differing from many other works in relation to dark topics such as the Holocaust, Resort 76 adds in dark, bitter humor and looks at the complexity that is human nature.

“My character is described in the script as being a charlatan, but with the situation these characters are in, no villain sees themselves as a villain,” said dramaturge actress and student director Faith O’Reilly who played Hupert in the show. “Hupert isn’t a villian though. These are people looking out for themselves and trying to survive.”

One unique aspect of this production was the atmosphere created by the show. Taking place in the more intimate of the Greenhill Center of the Arts theatres, the production has an up close and personal vibe to it.

“Immersion is a large part of the show,” said Jon Lotti who played Blaustain. “There’s smoke coming from the factory, the sound of the train in the distance, and the closeness of the theatre. It all adds to the immersive feel.”

A central theme to the show and the atmosphere created around it was the discussion to never forget, an idea often represented in Holocaust works.

“I really hope that audience members get a different kind of experience in what they take away from it,” said Kory Friend, who played Yablonka. “I really want them to look at these conditions and continue this conversation. If we hide from the past we are bound to repeat it.”

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