Meal swipe madness

Dear Royal Purple,

There are many issues with the current meal swipe policy and many different students have agreed with this. These issues include, but are not limited to: available swipe times, places one can swipe, weird exceptions for using a guest swipe, and most importantly: the unethical rule where students may only use two swipes for supper and two swipes for lunch.

For example, if a student like myself goes home for a weekend then their prepaid meals go to waste. If students could use more swipes (that have been paid for) during the week, the price of a meal plan would actually be worth it. At the current rate on a $4 swipe plan, students pay over $5 per meal. If I can’t stock up on food, at least five swipes would go to waste, totaling at least $25 per week.

Also, if guests come to town, I am unable to use more than my own and one other swipe for them.

This absolute scam of a policy should be abolished, and students should be able to use up their swipes whenever they want, considering that they pay good money for it. Another solution would be to make meal swipes by the semester, so the weekly planning and hassle doesn’t come into play. I hope the university does something about this awful swiping policy.


  Tyler Lund

  (Angry Student)

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