UW-Whitewater students are Going Global

Bryce Gill, Biz & Tech Editor

For many students, studying abroad is not the average students’ plan to help finish college. However there are many benefits to getting an education in another country such as different experiences, jobs and internships. One particular student, My Lan Nguyen, has studied abroad in two different countries and has also managed to get a job within her field of study.

My Lan Nguyen was born in Vietnam and that is where she received her bachelor’s degree in International Business. She later moved to Germany to get her Master of Arts in International Business, then transferred to UW-Whitewater for one semester to enroll in the Master of Business Administration program studying data analytics and IT Management.

“I was a participant in a virtual collaboration project with UW-W when I was in Cologne, Germany. That was the time I got to know Professor Carol Scovotti, who is the Director of the Institute for International Business Institute now. The Institute is now in charge of organizing international collaboration for business students since Fall 2018. And now I am working as a Graduate Assistant for the institute as well,” said Ngyuen.

When studying abroad, there are many connections that one can make that can help students further progress in their career. Networking is important, especially for international business as the majority of the work will be working and collaborating with people from other countries.

“It helps to broaden my mind, I am getting more independent and mature and I made new friends from many countries and cultures,” said Ngyuen.

As she finishes up her third degree, My Lan is working for the Institute of International Business. She is responsible for organizing and preparing material for students before their collaboration with students from partner universities in business and society classes.

“I used to be a part of international collaboration and I had the knowledge of the collaboration process and data analytics. It is a good match for me and my job. I discussed with Professor Carol Scovotti and gave it a try and I have been working for three semesters up to now,” said Ngyuen.

When pursuing a degree in any field, it is important to get prepared for the real world job and Ngyuen is a prime example of pursuing a career that she has worked hard for.

“Since I joined UW-W, I found out I am interested in analyzing data and providing insights about that so I decided to go for an MBA in this emphasis. So it also contributes to highlight my experience before graduating,” said Ngyuen.

For any student interested in studying abroad and finding jobs and internships, an appointment can be made to speak with an advisor at the Center for Leadership Development in the University Center.

“Don’t be scared, step out of your comfort zone. The world outside will challenge you a bit, but you will see how far you can go,” said Nguyen.

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