Students seek alternative forms of transportation

UW-Whitewater’s declining enrollment has been in the news, and I am very troubled to hear about the resulting cuts. Many students with disabilities would like to study at UW-Whitewater because of its very accessible campus. However, several of these students reside in Madison and Milwaukee because of the services offered in the two cities and have no way of getting to and from UW-Whitewater using public transportation. I myself am a student at UW-Whitewater, but I live in Madison.

I rely on family member and friends to drive me to and from UW-Whitewater. If I had to use public transportation in order to get to UW-Whitewater, I would have to catch the Badger Bus at 5:45 am to Janesville and then take a shuttle to attend class at 9:30 am, and the cost would be prohibitive.

I firmly believe that UW-Whitewater would be able to increase its enrollment, if it arranged to have an affordable daily shuttle going from Madison/Milwaukee to UW-Whitewater and back again. I proposed a bill before the WSG to this affect and very much hope that the full senate will take up the bill. Anyone can submit a bill to WSG.

Adam Brabender

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