The new vocabulary of 2020


Makayla Fedler, Journalist

The year is 2020, and with a new year comes a lot of new vocabulary that is ‘hip’ and ‘cool.’ Teenagers and young adults filter new trends in and out of their daily lives, and along those trends is one that most people tend to not focus on as much: words. Want to hop on the latest trends? Here are new words to help you along.

One of the newest slang words that has made its way into 2020 is the word “simp.” A simp is described as a man who will bend over backward for any woman and always ends up with nothing. It’s geared towards the meaning closely related to “nice guys finish last,” but this new word is more intense than just that phrase. A simp does not put up with diminishing names females are called. They stand up for females and the rights that they deserve to have in this world. Do you know a simp or two?

What’s that smell? I smell “cap.” Cap is used to describe a lie or calling someone out on it. People use this word to either say they’re not lying, no cap, or that they detect a lie in their midst, which is roughly translated to “I smell cap.” Keep those noses out and sniff out all the cap on campus.

Lastly, you know you’ve entered the newest slang of the year if you’ve used or heard the saying “okay boomer.” Boomers are known as the older generations that are dwelling on the days of the past and not the future. A related word to a boomer can also be a “Karen,” meaning you’re pretty much a crazy mom that likes to yell at managers at your local McDonald’s because you have nothing better to do in life.  Jade Bodary, 18, describes a Karen as “someone who is annoying, bossy, a know-it-all, and a boomer probably.” Jade also addressed the disbelief of someone naming their child Karen.

Alright boomers and Karens of the new year, there is no cap here when I tell you that you will be totally cool when using this slang in the new year.

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