Trending sitcoms make a comeback


Makayla Fedler, Assistant Biz & Tech Editor

Laughter is known as the best medicine when feeling sad, but these shows can make you laugh until you can’t even breathe. Let’s look at the trending comedy shows to cure those winter blues and get you laughing again.

First up, we have “Big Mouth” (available on Netflix), a show where you can watch puberty blossom and think to yourself, “Oh my god that was so me in middle school.” There are three seasons to this show, and it will have you rolling on the floor.

Next up, there’s the classic sitcom “The Office” (available on Netflix), where as viewers, we get to plot how to make our most disliked coworker miserable with the inspiration of the best prankster, Jim Halpert. There are nine seasons, although the first season is so hard to get through. But if you can get through your first semester of college, you can get through the first season of “The Office” and realize that this was the thing you were missing in life.

Another trending show is “Friends”, a show where, well, they’re all friends, it literally says it in the title. It contains 10 seasons of absolute comedic brilliance. This show is loved by so many that the cast is getting together for a reunion; it’s soon to be streamed on the new platform HBO Max. If you watch this show once, you’ll be watching it over and over again. If you have watched this show, well then you know exactly what it means when I say they were definitely on a break.       

Last but not least, there’s “That 70’s Show” (available on Netflix). We live in Wisconsin, this show takes place in Wisconsin. If you haven’t seen at least one episode of this show then what are you doing? There are eight seasons of this show; it’s about a group of friends just learning how to get through the 70’s. It contains a lot of love, a lot of drugs, and a lot of laughs.

Natalie Hummelt, 18, says “‘That 70’s Show’ is honestly one of the funniest shows to watch on Netflix. The coolest part of the show is that, like Eric and his friends, a lot of young adults and teenagers can relate to their stupidity as well as their fear of their authoritative figures.”

You will be giggling as much as Jackie in the smoke circle after watching this show.

Put on those sweats, curl up in a bunch of blankets, and be prepared to cry with tears of laughter when watching these trending shows.

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