It’s cool to be eco-friendly

Help save the planet by switching to reusable water bottles


Makayla Fedler, Assistant Biz & Tech Editor

Every VSCO girl can be noticed immediately by their scrunchies, reusable straw, Hydro Flask, and their preaching to “Save the Turtles.” But is it only VSCO girls who are putting their foot down when it comes to reducing plastic waste? We’re going to take a closer look at why reusable straws and water bottles are trending not only on campus but around the world.

Due to climate change and pollution that has been harming the planet, many people have switched from plastic bottles to reusable ones to reduce plastic waste.

Another reason people have started using reusable bottles is for the aesthetic. Hydro Flasks are known for their thick metallic material as well as the plethora of unique colors the reusable bottles have to offer, all the way from yellow to lavender.

When asked why reusable bottles are trending so much, said Kimberly Flores said, “Everyone wants to fit in and do what’s popular. Having a Hydro Flask makes you cooler or even a ‘VSCO girl’ which most teenage girls want to be, especially if all their friends are doing it.”

Many people also enjoy decorating their Hydro Flasks to best fit their own personality, whether that be putting stickers on it that match your aesthetic, or painting the bottle to resemble your favorite childhood memory.

Reusable straws are also becoming more popular due to the “Save the Turtles” epidemic. There have been multiple videos and posts about how turtles have suffered from having plastic straws get stuck in their noses from swimming in oceans full of waste. Reusable straws help reduce the waste since these straws can fold up to fit in your pocket and are washable. Another kind of straw that has been trending are paper straws. More and more companies have switched from plastic to paper straws since they are easier to break down and are better for the environment.

“What first pops into my head is I know a lot of people are doing it to ‘save the turtles,’ although it really isn’t doing anything for the turtles. It also may make people feel as though they’re overall helping the planet by using reusable products,” added Flores.

Reusable water bottles and straws are trending because of high demand, support for keeping the earth clean, and to ensure that plastic waste is decreasing.

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