What’s the nicest thing someone’s done for you?


“The nicest thing someone has ever done for me, well; it’s silly, but I remember going to Willie’s one time. It was last October and I was kind of having a really rough day. I usually get the same thing every single day and I remember going in and before I even said anything the guy behind the counter was like ‘oh yupp okay cool one second.’  He handed me the stuff I usually get with a little sticker on the front and it totally made my day.” 

-Alex Zerman, Senior

Ellie Craig

“Probably the nicest thing someone has done for me was drive me places or fill up my tank for gas. I have to pay for my own gas so it really means a lot to me when someone does that”

-Ellie Craig, Freshman

Maeve O’Grady

“When people buy your food out of nowhere, like in a drive thru line or if a friend is like ‘oh no I got it today’ those little random acts of kindness are so sweet.”

-Maeve O’Grady, Freshman

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