MTV comedian brings lots of laughs


Ryan Conner as he performs his virtual stand-up comedy act

Matt Ellis, Assistant Arts and Rec Editor

Contributing writer for MTV’s Ridiculousness Ryan Conner performed a relatable comedy routine that kept the audience laughing all night long through a virtual stand-up act hosted by the James R. Connor University Center Oct. 15. 

What made the show so good was his use of sarcasm. Conner was able to keep the audience on their toes as he threw the punch-line to a joke that no one saw coming. In addition to the witty sarcasm, he was able to relate to the audience. Many times he connected his own experiences to the audience. This made everyone feel as if they were almost laughing at themselves. Nowadays, with most events being virtual, they can hinder the audience’s experience. However, Conner nailed this performance. 

Connor’s experiences as a contributing writer for Ridiculousness can definitely be seen in his stand up. Ridiculousness, the show he writes for, takes the funniest amateur videos from across the internet to be reacted to by its host. Much like Ridiculousness, the show invoked similar witty humor that made for a fun night. 

I enjoyed the way Conner structured his show. He was able to make the show more of a story rather than just a collection of jokes. Not only did the jokes all connect to each other, but they seemed vital to one another. This created flow that kept everyone engaged. Conner is definitely a rising star to watch in the future. 

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