Astronaut bounces into Halloween


Dauntae Green

Astro the astronaut bounces around campus at 6 p.m. on weekends bringing candy and the Halloween spirit to UW-Whitewater.

Dauntae Green, Lifestyle Editor

 Halloween is being celebrated across the university with all its spookiness and fun, drawing out a cast of characters who are dressing up for the season. One costumed person especially getting in the spirit is an astronaut named Astro who leaps around the campus giving out treats. Passersby are shocked, excited, and surprised when the receive candy from this Halloween exhibitionist. Many find the costume play refreshing and inspiring as excitement builds for October 31. 

“I was bored on weekends, had this costume, and thought it would be great to give treats out to people to make their day better.” explains Astro. “It’s going well. Nothing much of it. It’s just for fun and making people’s day.” 

Funny how costumes and masks at Halloween time can help bring us together, even by Astro the astronaut. You might spot him bouncing around campus on the weekends at 6 p.m. with his headphones on and music blasting inside his helmet. When you see the rocket man at night, take some treats from him. Thank him for the joy he is bringing, and of course don’t forget to snap a selfie. Astro encourages others to dress up for the season and wishes everyone a stellar Halloween. 

Ast’ro the astronaut stops for a photo opp while leaping around campus. (Dauntae Green)