Graduating beyond borders

December graduate to teach English in China


UW-W December ’20 Graduate Bailey Kulas

Bailey Kulas, Contributor

My name is Bailey Kulas. I am an international studies major with an emphasis in German Language. I used to be an international business major, however, I realized by my sophomore year that I was more interested in the cultural part of my major than the business side so I switched to international studies. My college experience at UW-W was interesting. I enjoyed growing up in a city and at a school where I felt welcomed by both the staff and the students. With COVID these last two semesters, however, it made classes more difficult and the social side of college almost non-existent. I still love UW-W and will always enjoy the memories I have made and the experiences I have had. With graduation right around the corner, I have accepted a job at M.E.F ( Making English Fun) in China. I will be teaching kindergarteners English in China. This job lined up well with what I wanted to do after graduation. I always wanted to travel for a job, so this was perfect for me. While my original plan was to go right into not-for-profits, I think this opportunity will give me more experience and a better outlook on what I want in a career. I still plan on coming back after a year or so and working for a not-for-profit, but who knows what doors this job will open for me.

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