Brazilian brothers rock Young Auditorium


Ky McCombe

B2WINS musician Walter Caldas races a bow across his electric violin during a concert at Young Auditorium Friday, Feb. 12, 2021.

Jacob Bessette, Journalist

Using a combination of electric violin and ukulele, Brazilian music duo B2WINS performed for a live and streaming Young Auditorium audience Friday, Feb. 12.  The twins performed their renditions of both classic and modern songs with an exciting new vibe.  

B2WINS dance around the stage to engage the audience in the Young Auditorium Friday, Feb. 12, 2021. (Kylie McCombe)

The duo of brothers, Walter and Wagner Caldas, hail from the heart of Rio De Janeiro. At a young age both were introduced to their instruments and music by their father who made violins for a living. 

“Our father could not play the violin, but he could make them and so we were the Guinea pigs for him,” said violinist Wagner. 

B2WINS started their careers at the University of Northern Iowa and have now branched out into playing all over the country with shows along the West Coast and Midwest.  Since COVID-19 has hit, they too have been slowed down by its affects, but they have managed to book multiple live streamed shows similar to the one they performed here at Whitewater

“A virtual show will always be a challenge because we don’t have that live company and the people to give you the feedback,” Walter said. “We don’t have that energy. It’s just us and the camera and its super weird.”

During the concert Friday, Feb.12, 2021 B2WINS musicians Walter and Wagner Caldas used improv to get into the music. (Kylie McCombe)

So the brothers were especially thankful for the opportunity to perform for a limited, but still live show at the Young Auditorium. The show offered a hybrid format with around 45 in-person attendees, as well as a live streamed audience with a multiple camera production setup.  

The brothers performed renditions of various modern and classic hit songs spanning many genres going like rock and roll with Bon Jovi`s “Livin on a Prayer” and Ed Sheeran`s “Perfect.” 

“Some people can say we can do rock, or people say we can do hip hop – we do everything that we like,” said Walter. 

The B2WINS concert is one of a large hybrid spring season lineup. Some upcoming shows include the rescheduled Magic of Bill Blagg and Pecatonica String Quartet.  These shows and many more will be offered in person. as well as streamed online. as a part of the Community Connections Concert Series.  Some shows will even be offered free to those who want to attend. For more information about performances at the Young Auditorium visit