These warhawks are soaring


Kasey Schlicht

Michael Bose, Journalist

Although there are less fans and more masked players than ever, the Warhawks are still roaring in the Athletic Department. Several athletes are standing out and making their names known in track and tennis.
Some overachieving athletes include: Kasey Schlicht is a star womens singles tennis player. Christian Patzka and Ari De La Cerda are long distance runners who do the mile and 3k. These players have exceeded expectations this year and are the future MVPs for UW-W. These athletes displayed hard work, determination and integrity both on and off the field.
Kasey Schlicht is constantly thinking about tennis. She told the Royal Purple that she thinks about tennis all the time and wants to be the best. Schlicht is constantly pushing herself in this sport, what sets her apart from everyone else is her determination, motivation, and urgency to get on that court and get the win. sport.
Schlicht wanted to attend Whitewater after she attended the tennis camp that coach Barnes put on, this school was also very important to her because she wants a degree in business.
In a sport as mentally taxing as track, where athletes are running on average 45-55 miles a week according to Christian Patzka.
“What keeps me going is Whitewater’s coaching,” Patzka said. “A lot of gains in running have been because of my coach.”
Patzka has been running track since the seventh grade, and continued into high school. UW-W and coach Miller were the right fit for Patzka in his collegiate career.
Ari De La Cerda is another recruit that attended the school’s track camp.
“I fell in love with the program,” said De La Cerda. “I began track in 5th grade and wanted to keep running for as long as I could.”
De La Cerda is a long distance runner who has posted personal records with flying times in the mile at 5:28 and the 3k at 11:07. De La Cerda says that her drive and confidence make her stand out as an athlete. De La Cerda is unselfish and will do anything to help her team succeed.
UW-W Athletics fans will be watching the futures of these soaring Warhawks.

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