Reporting in a pandemic at the Royal Purple


Kylie Jacobs, Contributor

This has been a wild year. As both the managing editor and the head of the community news section, I can’t say this year hasn’t been full of challenges. However, I will say that being here at the Royal Purple has been a great experience, and now I can say I’ve got experience working at a paper in a pandemic. Overall tough, I’m very thankful for all the community members, as well as the businesses here. It’s been a great time being able to come and meet you, as well as interview for these stories. This town is so full of life, and it’s been a wonderful time getting to know the intricacies of the city, from the haunted witches tower to the new dance studio on main street. It’s definitely been interesting I’ll say that, but we’ll be back and better in the Fall, and so will this wonderful city. Thank you again, for reading this paper and letting us gain experience as journalists covering this terrific town.

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