Hop into the Easter fun!


Leena Hallock, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

Every year Easter as a holiday falls somewhere between the 22nd of March and April 25th. Although it is a significant Christian holiday, for many young adults & children, Easter is more often focused on the idea of crafts, bunnies, treats and brightly colored eggs. With Spring fast approaching, the weather becoming warmer and winter blues withering, Easter is a great holiday to ring in the new season with some spring activities. 

The most well-known and delightful Easter activity is commonly known as the big Easter Egg Hunt, an activity where a multitude of easy to open eggs are placed around a vicinity with special prizes inside. An activity that can be a mystery for every little child out there to find eggs with glee upon their faces with a prize awaiting for them whether it is something delicious or money. A perhaps less common old fashioned Easter activity is the Egg and Spoon Race, the race as a whole consists of an egg being placed on a spoon with the contestant trying to go from point A to point B as quickly as possible without breaking the egg in the process. You can be very competitive by going fast as a rabbit during the race!

Some common less active Easter activities usually consist of a Jellybean Guess gaming, puzzles and or bunny/egg drawings and crafts. As an activity the Jelly Bean guessing game consists of individuals trying to estimate the amount of beans in a jar, the closest guesser usually wins a prize. You can also color hard boiled eggs, draw on them, paint them, be very creative with your imagination like a dragon or a rainbow!

Last year due to COVID a lot of these group church Easter activities were halted, however with the light at the end of the tunnel and a chance for people to step outside into fresh air, a lot of these activities can now safely be resumed. 

Whether for religious reasons or just a love for the Easter holiday, make sure to get outside and celebrate Easter this year with some fun activities and perhaps some chocolate bunny treats along the way.

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