Student veterans are special

Student veterans are special

Amy Moore, Contributor

My name is Amy Moore, I am the Veterans Benefits Coordinator and Office Manager in the Registrar’s Office.  I joined the Navy at the age of 17, left for bootcamp at 18 and went on my first deployment overseas at 19.  My first duty station was in Charleston, SC on board the USS Mountbaker AE-34, I served for a total of eight years both active and reserves. Getting to know my veteran students has been very rewarding.

 As the Veterans Benefit Coordinator my role is to serve the educational and training needs of prospective and/or enrolled service members, veterans, their dependents or survivors, and other persons eligible to receive education benefits under the various Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) programs and the State of Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) programs. The Veterans Benefits Coordinator provides benefit and education counseling, program information, referral to various agencies, and certifies eligible students to receive education benefits under various state and federal programs while maintaining a congenial working relationship with the Department of Veterans Affairs and other agencies serving veterans.

 I currently have three student workers in my office. All my student workers receive a military educational benefit.  They assist me with phone calls, emails, administrative duties and help out where needed.  Alexis Andrews is employed through the Registrar’s Office and receives the WI GI Bill through her mother who retired from the Air Force.  Anamarys Saldana receives CH 35 through her father who served in the Army.  Jackson Sonnenberg is a Marine Reservist (who is being deployed November 1) both Anamarys and Jackson work for me through the VA Workstudy program.


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