Whitewater Student Government sets goals for year ahead


Will Hinz, Student Body President

Whitewater Student Government (WSG) is composed of many students that serve as senators. These senators advocate for various issues as it relates to the student experience. Vice President Servais and I set priorities for our executive board based on the platform for which we were elected. 

Sexual assault prevention must be a priority for all Warhawks. We must dedicate ourselves to building the safest possible learning environment in thought and action. In the Fall 22 semester, because of advocacy of Whitewater Student Government, the Chancellor’s Office is hosting a dedicated campus-wide summit to focus on this issue. The summit will take place on October 7.

Whitewater Student Government will support all student retention efforts, specifically student organizational programming, campus dining and overall student experience. 

Every election cycle provides new lessons on how to be more inclusive and convenient in assisting all Warhawks in their civic participation. WSG is actively engaged in this work collaborating with the Warhawks Vote Committee to promote voting across campus.

Recent Whitewater graduates are entering a workforce that is constantly changing. With this in mind, it is important that students are given opportunities to learn the skills and techniques that are necessary to secure employment. By working with campus partners, we can improve upon the programs already in place, and better prepare students for future careers in our ever-changing world.