Has Mitt Romney hit his ceiling?

Former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts is running for president for the second consecutive election. After losing the GOP nomination in 2008 to John McCain, Romney appears to be the front runner this year. While some polls show that political newcomer Herman Cain is now a major threat, the Romney campaign is still the biggest money machine in the race.

However, being on top means there is a target on the former governor’s back. While Cain is gaining on him, his main political opponent is without a doubt Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Perry has time and again attacked Romney for not being a true conservative, something Republican voters seem to covet this election.

Romney’s healthcare plan in Massachusetts reminds many GOP voters of President Obama’s healthcare plan, which the party opposes. Romney has had to defend his plan in Massachusetts, saying that while it worked as a state law, Obama’s healthcare plan on a federal level is not the right way to go.

After running in 2008, many voters know what Romney is about. In politics, it’s important to try to reel in new demographics of voters whenever possible. Unfortunately for him, Romney seems to have hit his ceiling.

With so many new conservative candidates to learn about, it seems voters are sifting through the likes of Cain, Perry and company and staying away from the East Coast moderate ideas that Romney has.

Romney has the most familiar name and the most money; two very important components of winning an election.

While Perry and Cain gain, Romney still leads but it looks like his head is starting to brush the ceiling.

Stay tuned.