Soccer teams look forward to conference

Heading into the last week of conference play, Head Coach Greg Henschel said the Warhawks have placed themselves in the perfect position going into the WIAC Tournament.

Junior defender Emily Stocks said that they will just take it a game at a time.

“We as a team always approach every game the same,” Stocks said. “It’s just another game, and they’re just another team. If we go in and play our game, we have a great chance of winning.”

The season has proved to challenge the team, but the women continue to kick it up going into the tournament. The women have a great chance of winning if they continue to work hard and play to their potential.

“Our conference has proven to be very deep and anyone who gets in the tournament will provide us a great test,” Henschel said. “I feel every WIAC opponent has given us one of their strongest games of their seasons. I think we are well prepared for the post-season and we look forward to any additional matches that are ahead of us.”

The women will look to play hard going into the tournament. Hard work and passion for the game, drive the women forward.

“I expect everyone to perform well,” senior Emily Gerber said. “We’ve had to battle every game this year and everyone wants the same thing we want. No game will be easy.”

The women have a few games ahead of them before the WIAC tournament and have the confidence needed to advance.

“I feel as well as my teammates feel—very positive—going into the WIAC tournament,” Gerber said. “But before we can look forward to that we need to focus on the upcoming games that we will face—especially the one on Saturday versus Eau Claire.”

The women are not focusing on the championship game just yet, according to Gerber.

“I feel very positive in our team making it that far, but it will take us beating good opponents for that to happen,” Gerber said. “We need to focus on one game at a time.”

The women look to fellow `Hawks for more support at home games.

“If we have home field advantage at all throughout the tournament, we will need supporters and as many fans as possible,” Stocks said.

On the other hand, the men’s team has had their ups and downs this season, but Henschel said they have been working to find regularity.

“We will continue to focus on finding some consistency,” Henschel said.

The men earned a regional ranking and according to Henschel, feel the same on the pitch as they did prior to being ranked.

“We are the same hard working team with or without a number in front of our name,” Henschel said.

Henschel feels the team is in a great position going forward to the WIAC Tournament.

“The team has had its ups and downs during the season,” senior Kevin Kron said. “We have played very well in conference and are undefeated in there, but have struggled in a few out of conference games. Our focus now is to win our final two conference games.”

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