New Peace and Social Justice course begins next spring

A new course in the Peace and Social Justice minor, PAX 200, will be offered beginning next spring.


The course will be taught by Professor Holly Denning. Various guest lecturers and learning opportunities, such as the Civil Rights spring break trip, will give students in the course substantial learning opportunities.

The minor began last spring when political science Professor Zohreh Ghavamshahidi taught the introductory course.

During the summer, Denning taught a special topics course on environmental justice.

Together, with interdisciplinary faculty members from philosophy and religious studies to geography, they proposed the new minor.

Students interested in learning about the potentials for peace and conflict resolution are encouraged to take the course.

A wide variety of jobs are available in peace studies and related areas, such as social work, restorative justice, and human rights and advocacy.

The program seeks to inspire students to see how they can make a difference in the world, not just how to get a job.

Additionally, the Refior Peace Prize committee is giving $1,000 to the winner of an essay contest. The essay should be 2,000 words on how to achieve world peace nonviolently. The deadline is March 1.

For additional information on the course or essay contest, contact Holly Denning at [email protected]