A cappella band Ball in the House set to perform in Down Under

A cappella band, Ball in the House, will look to “rock” the university tomorrow evening in the Down Under.

“It is rare that we have [an]a cappella group,” SEAL intern Britta Svoboda said. “So the fact that we have something different is exciting for us.”

Ball in the House is an a cappella oriented band based out of Boston. A cappella is a form of music where musicians sing unaccompanied, but use their voice in a way that replicates the sound of an instrument. The band has a wide range of influences, from classic R&B, pop, hip-hop and even gospel.

“We have a great focus on doing our best to entertain the audience,” band member Ryan Chappelle said. “They’re going to hear some songs they know, songs they don’t know but will still hopefully enjoy.”

Current members include Chapelle, Jon J. Ryan, Dave Guisti, Craig Range and Patrick McCarthy.

The band was formed when Ryan and Guisti, who met in the Boston Boys Choir from fifth to eighth grade, joined up after their schooling. They held auditions and Ball in the House was formed.

“We started off doing a mix of whatever was there,” Ryan said. “Then when we started spreading original music. The sound really started coming from the members of the group.”

The band has shifted members over the years but its current members come from a wide-range of musical backgrounds. Although the band is based out of Boston, only two members are from the Massachusetts area, Ryan and Guisti. Chappelle is from Nebraska, McCarthy is from Maine and Range is from New York.

The band is scheduled to play at 7 p.m. Dec. 1 at the Down Under in the University Center.

“It will be a good ‘welcome back’ from Thanksgiving break for students,” Svoboda said.

The SEAL sponsored movie after the concert will be “Abduction.” It will start at 10 p.m. and will cost $1 with ID and $3 without ID.