First annual Polar Jam at Freeze Fest

Last year Colleen Coulter came up with the idea to have a skiing and snowboarding competition at Cravath Lakefront Park.

She put one together and it turned out to be a success, with more than 30 competitors participating and hundreds of spectators.

This year, Coulter is making the event official. She has renamed the competition “Polar Jam” and is incorporating it in with the city’s “Freeze Fest.”

With all proceeds from the event going to the Special Olympics of Wisconsin, Coulter said she is hoping there will be an even better turnout this year.

“We need more people that do care about the cause,” Coulter said. “It’s been a really good experience so far. Hopefully, it will grow further.”

David Blue, a senior majoring in business, is the assistant coordinator for the event.

Blue said each rider will have a 15 minute heat to complete the best tricks they can. The more tricks landed, the more points the judges will reward, and that’s how you win the competition.

“The riders have that 15 minutes to do the best tricks they can,” Blue said. “It’s a cool format. You can fall a couple of times and it’s not going to count against you.”

There will be three sections for beginner, intermediate and experts. At the end of the competition, cash prizes will be given out for first, second and third places.

Registration for Polar Jam begins at 1 p.m. on Saturday. The start time of the event isn’t set in stone. It begins right after the Polar Plunge event